The London marathon is a much-anticipated and loved event. It will be held on the 28th of April this year, which is just a few weeks away now! Everyone is preparing to take part in the big day, with much excitement to experience the day at its fullest.

A marathon is a long distance run which requires strength and stamina. Sincere running practices prepares your body to run with persistent energy in the entire time of the marathon. The practice duration may differ depending upon whether you are a first-time runner or have experience in running long distances. Whilst practicing, there’s the chance of getting muscle pain and injury which would put a stop to your practice, and eventually may not even allow you to participate when the big day is here.

Running practices should begin with a proper warm up, with a specified length run or walk and then cooling down. The next day you train you’ll go a little further, and so on as you gradually increase the length of the distance day by day. But what happens to the joints and muscles?

Well, muscles and joints experience an ongoing increase in muscle action and joint activity when you are in training mode. It is likely that your muscles may get over worked, you may have been doing wrong running techniques, you may have been wearing the wrong kind of trainers or you have a history of injury and other health issues which altogether may worsen your practice as well as affect your physical and mental state of well being. For this reason, sports massage therapy is what you require to avoid such circumstances.

Sports Massage Therapy Can Help Treat and Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports massage therapy is given to athletes by a specialist sports massage therapist to treat and prevent sports injuries. The therapist will understand the exact mechanism that has caused discomfort to your body and provide effective sports massages to target the problem area.

Running activity may cause muscle soreness. The muscles begin to heal and restore its function when relaxed. The soothing deep pressure of massage therapy gives you a satisfactory relief and enhances the oxygen and nutrient supply to the area, allowing for a speedy recovery of the muscle. The slow stretch techniques also help relax the muscles without causing further injury.

If you are overweight, have a foot deformity, or you have been wearing the wrong shoes for running, it may cause muscle and joint pain, in your foot particularly. Deep sport massages can help relieve pain and loosen tight muscles, keeping you going for longer.

If you have a previous injury, sports massage therapy will help treat the injury, stimulating the weakened muscles and improve its function.

Prepare for the London Marathon With A Sports Massage

When there is pressure to win the marathon race, you feel nervous and panicked the day before the race starts. Massages can help to reduce this stress by increasing the production of oxytocin in your blood which is responsible for reducing the levels of stress, helping you to feel calm, focused and ready.

Massage therapy gives complete relaxation to the body. Just a day before the race, you must not tire yourself with excessive last-minute practice, it’s the time for you to get yourself a sports massage to gather and save all of your energy to give the best performance of your life.

A massage is a general immune system booster, providing a sense of well-being, fitness and a sense of well-being.

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