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Neck Injury Treatment

Neck pain can be debilitating in the worst cases which is why we are on hand to help you get back to your daily activities and symptom free. Neck pain can be caused by various conditions or as a result of injury. Unfortunately, we as humans have evolved to spend the majority of our working days staring at a computer screen and then smart phones and tablets in-between. We treat numerous patients who simply have their treatment to relieve the tension built up by poor working posture as a regular maintenance as we all need to work!

In fact, neck and back pain is becoming increasingly common in 18-44 year olds because of the amount of time they spend on their phone with 79% of this age group only walking around without their phone for two hours a day! This has resulted in an epidemic of ‘text neck’.

More and more people are seeking neck pain treatment, with a fifth blaming work and sitting still for long periods of time. 49% complain of neck pain on a weekly basis and 65% on a monthly basis – so it really is a common problem for many British adults. We aren’t moving about as much as we should and often find ourselves hunched over desks instead of keeping good posture.

While you can take some precautions at home such as a low firm pillow and firm mattress as well as using hot and cold packs to ease the pain – one of the best solutions for long term relief is physiotherapy and our neck pain treatment in Chelmsford can help you feel comfortable and pain free once again.

How Can you Treat My Neck Pain?

Depending on the cause of your injury and type of pain you are experiencing, we will recommend a neck injury treatment of physiotherapy that is best placed to relieve your pain and aim to give you full movement once again. Whether you have a trapped nerve, slipped disk or whiplash – our neck pain treatment will be expertly planned by our experts to get you back to health safely and comfortably.

Contrary to popular relief, a neck collar should not be worn unless recommended by a doctor, it is better to keep the neck moving. We will work with you through a number of low impact neck exercises to relieve the tension and pain in your neck area as well as posture recommendations to prevent the pain coming back.

If you are aiming to get back to sport or exercise, we’ll work with you to get you back to your best self once again in a safe way so you can get back to competing or training without causing further injury and delaying your recovery.

Neck Pain Treatment Chelmsford Studio

Our studio is based in Chelmsford with a range of specialists to choose from to treat you. Each of them is experienced and qualified and can offer you expert advice to aid your recovery.

Faye Pattison Physiotherapy has various specialist including ISRM soft tissue therapists, physiotherapists and massage therapists with a wide range of treatment techniques on hand to treat the cause of the problem and help you to understand how you can help avoid it in the future. If you are one of the many of us that suffer from neck pain and tightness (and/ or headaches), give us a call to see how we can help.

We have a range of different appointments you can choose from and are open from morning until early evening. If you’re unsure of what treatment will suit you best or need an assessment to understand what will benefit you most, just call us or book and assessment and we are more than happy to help and recommend the best treatment for you.

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Neck pain in Chelmsford

Our experienced team can help treat various conditions and pain including but not limited to

Our experienced team can help treat various conditions

  • Stiff neck
  • Whiplash
  • Trapped nerve
  • Disc Problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Wry neck (neck pain & stiffness)
  • Torticollis

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