• Young baby playing with coloured plastic cups
    How do I know if my baby is developing normally?
    06/09/2017 by Faye Pattison Team -   As a new Mum myself, I have a new understanding of how much you find yourself comparing notes with friends, family, people from NCT and random people in the street about how your baby is developing. Is your baby rolling, sitting up, reaching, crawling and walking at the same rate and in the same was as every other baby? It is completely normal to have concerns about whether your child is developing as they should and whilst comparisons with others can helpful, they also create added pressure. It is important to realise that children develop at different rates and Read More
  • What is body fat? What body fat percentage do I have?
    How do I measure my body fat percentage?
    27/07/2017 by Faye Pattison Team - Body Fat is an area which is highly focussed on by people, media, the medical profession and a number of sports, but is only one part of the overall measurement of body composition or body fat percentage. Although we all talk about it, what is it really? How is it measured? What do all the figures mean? These are some of the questions often asked; there are a number of ways of coming up with a body fat percentage such as underwater weighing, BMI skinfold measurements, bio-impedance analysis, air displacement and Dexa. All these are useful tools and it is Read More
  • Choosing childrens shoes
    Choosing appropriate footwear for children
    05/07/2017 by Faye Pattison Team - As a paediatric physiotherapist I am often asked about footwear. Parents/carers of babies and young children want to know when the best time to start wearing shoes is, and parents/carers of older children want to know how to balance the wishes of their child to have fashionable shoes with their own aim of providing them with something that is sturdy and supportive. Choosing suitable footwear is extremely important and cannot be underestimated as they play an integral role in the development of feet. So when should your child start wearing shoes? The answer is when they are starting to walk Read More
  • shutterstock
    Why choose a children’s physiotherapist?
    30/06/2017 by Faye Pattison Team - Are you considering booking an appointment for your child to see a physiotherapist? Do you need to see a specialist children’s physio or is it OK to see a physiotherapist that normally treats adults? It can be a very difficult decision to choose a health professional to treat yourself let alone your child, so why choose a children's physiotherapist?  It is important to remember that babies and children have very different needs to adults. They also suffer from different conditions and syndromes. We believe all babies, children and young people are special and individual. They all have their own unique personality Read More
  • Congratulations Madeleine paediatric physiotherapist
    Congratulations Madeleine!
    30/06/2017 by Faye Pattison Team - In our efforts to provide you with the best physiotherapy and healthcare service, we are constantly looking for enthusiastic people to join and compliment the Faye Pattison Physiotherapy Team. This is the reason why we are very excited to officially announce that we have a new team member at our Chelmsford clinic in Essex! Not only do we have a new member but a complete new service – Children’s Physiotherapy! We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Madeleine Stalley who will be offering specialist Paediatric physiotherapy which we are really, really excited about! Madeleine qualified from the University of the West Read More