Knee Pain Treatment in Chelmsford

Targeted treatment to help treat knee pain

Here at Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, we work very closely with various knee consultants in and around the Chelmsford area and local surrounding areas. We have a great team of specialists to carry you the whole way from the initial consultation with your consultant all the way through to the finish, offering expert treatment for pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation.

We are often able to help prevent surgical intervention by working very closely with the consultants, offering a unique treatment plan for a more conservative treatment. Surgery is not always the answer!

If you’ve suffered from a painful, stiff or swollen knee which may or may not click and clunk as a result of any activity (it’s not just sporting activities which can upset us), trauma or you are suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee; no matter what has caused your knee pain, our experienced team of physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists have the skills to offer a ‘diagnosis’, expert treatment and advice, working with you to minimise your pain, treat the cause of your pain and help to prevent reoccurrence of your pain and/ or a re-injury.

The knee pain treatment Chelmsford experts, Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, have worked with a huge number of clients to help ease their pain and discomfort.

If your pain, injury, or condition is left untreated, this could lead to referred pain to other parts of your body, an injury or even a more serious condition affecting your which could lead to requiring a surgical intervention.

Knee Injury Treatment

Knee injuries can happen for a number of reasons such as exercise, wear and tear, a fall or an accident. Depending on the extent of the damage or injury, we will develop a treatment plan with you and your knee consultant to find the best solution. You shouldn’t have to live in pain or survive on painkillers, physiotherapy is an important step in your rehabilitation and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Swollen knee treatment includes icing and resting the joint, but it’s regular movement and personalised exercise that will allow you to see marked improvement in the area. When home treatment and anti-inflammatories are no longer doing the trick, it’s time to seek professional help from experienced professionals.

How can you treat my knee pain?

Depending on the type of knee pain you are suffering with, we can recommend and guide you through the appropriate knee physiotherapy to set you on your way to recovery. There are a number of simple exercises that can be practised to help your strength and flexibility. As your physiotherapy continues, you will find yourself able to challenge yourself further and experience improved movement in the area.

We work with you and your consultant throughout your knee joint pain treatment, working at a pace that suits you and your ability. Whether your aim is to return to sport, or you just want to be able to reduce the discomfort of knee pain – we will design a programme that suits you and your lifestyle.

Knee Physiotherapy

Following a thorough assessment of the issue, our knee specialists will work with you over the weeks to progress through movements – perfecting them in the studio and practising them at home. Within two weeks, you should start noticing an improvement and find yourself in less pain.

Knee physiotherapy is a key step in dealing with knee pain, especially if it persists. You may be recommended by a doctor or seek us out yourselves, but we hope to be able to help you to feel less hindered by your pain and hopefully reduce the need for surgery which can mean weeks off work and even more disruption to daily life.

We have dealt with a wide range of causes for knee pain, so we are extremely experienced in helping you to find an effective solution for your knee pains.

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Knee Pain in Chelmsford

We help to treat knee pain for various reasons including but not limited to

Reasons for Knee Pain

  • Biomechanical imbalances
  • Pre & post-Surgery
  • Arthroscopies
  • Broken or Fractured Knee
  • Knee injury; all types
  • ACL Tear (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Maltracking
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Patella tendonitis (Jumpers Knee)
  • Chondromalacia Patella (Also known as CMP)
  • Prepatellar bursitis (Housemaid’s Knee)
  • Torn cartilage and meniscal tears
  • Infrapatellar fat pad syndrome (Hoffa’s syndrome)

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