In the course of a lifetime, almost everyone suffers from a back pain, backache or back stiffness. Some might even feel considerable pain and disability, but the serious and permanent damage is extremely rare.

Saying that, I bet most of us think that something big has happened with the back. We worry a lot about it, were told we’ve popped out a facet joint or something along those lines, it gets worse and worse, we build this big picture that the pain is so much worse than a normal backache, we get psychologically distressed which leads to an even more painful life. Some even make the mistake of relying on Pain Killers rather than simple, yet powerful management with Our expert Team, with Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy.

Well, in this post, you will learn how a Physiotherapist and a Soft Tissue Therapist  can help you deal with your pain.

Causes of Back Pain and Roles of a Physiotherapist/ soft tissue therapist

1. Prolonged sitting in a Poor posture

One of the common causes of back pain among a person who spends most of the time sitting on a chair is poor posture. Though you feel comfortable sitting in a slouched position, in the longer run the back components such as muscles and ligaments get stretched and used differently so they adapt to this ‘norm’ so there is a muscle imbalance, the spine is pulled out of its preferred ‘normal’ alignment causing back pain.

Fortunately, we see this everyday in our clinic and have expert hands on therapists  to help release tight muscles, guide you on strengthening weak muscles and give advice on how to sit in a correct position, that can help prevent as well as treat Back Pain.


Back pain when sitting at a desk


2. Improper way of lifting/ picking up things

Our deep back muscles are weak; they are there for intervertebral movement and to hold the backbones in an upright position, not for not for lifting things.

But we don’t think twice about picking or lifting using our back muscles in a bent position do we? And by repeating in such position, the weak muscles of the back get fatigued, weakened further and the muscles and ligaments could get torn. Left untreated this could develop further and the joints become more unstable which could lead to them collapsing, impinging the nerves and other components, and cause back pain.

Our physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists can help you strengthen the back muscles, and teach you the correct way of lifting things off the ground. With knowing the proper technique and having expert treatment, you can get rid of your back pain and also prevent future episodes.

3. Back Sprain and Strain

Injuries to the back such as a Back Sprain (ligament tear) or Back Strain (muscles tear) also cause back pain. Such injuries occur if your back muscles are weak, you maintain poor posture and bend your back to perform activities like tying a shoelace, picking up dropped objects and lifting heavy objects.

During a backache episode from a Sprain and Strain, a Physio or soft tissue expert can help to reduce pain by using manual therapy, taping techniques, hot and cold therapy and back support braces in severe cases.

For a long-term goal, strengthening exercises, ROM exercises, Soft tissue Manipulation, and Posture training are prescribed by our experts to help you deal with your Back Pain.


Back pain when playing gold


4. Intervertebral Disc Prolapsed

The disc is one of the back structures located between the Vertebral Bones. It supports the vertebral bones from shocks and acts like a protective cushion.

In some chronic cases, due to weak back muscles and prolonged pressure on the back due to things mentioned earlier in this post, it compresses the disc, leading to a disc prolapse. The prolapsed disc causes extreme pain, tingling sensation and weakness in the lower limbs.

Our experts can help to minimize the pain and tingling sensation during the acute phase.

The therapy may include some traction manually to reduce pressure on the disc and to prevent a nerve impingement and disc prolapsed.

Physiotherapy exercises also help to strengthen the weakened muscles that can keep the backbones in an erect position and prevent from a disc prolapse.

5. Poor foot biomechanics 

the foundations for your alignment and movement depend on your feet. It’s quite simple, poor foundations lead to structural problems in the future, poor foot biomechanics will lead to rotations in the low limbs, hip height and rotation discrepancies, improper alignment of the spine, change the height and rotations of you shoulders and lead to musculoskeletal problems causing pain. If you have concerns this sounds a bit like you, don’t worry, this can be easily fixed with our custom made orthotics, bespoke to you and your feet.


Back Pain is painful, and it causes a lot of problems when performing our daily activities. Sometimes, one has to take leave from work and discontinue from doing daily living activities.

The best part is, you can get rid of your back pain now by following a few tips our experts have to offer and the proven strategies that Faye Pattison Physiotherapy prescribes.

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