We all struggle to live a totally pain-free life. We do whatever it takes to get rid of pain, but sometimes it becomes difficult in getting rid of it. It can last for days, weeks or even months, which is referred to as Chronic Pain.

You will have the feeling that the pain just won’t go away, perhaps you’ll blame your age, I hear it all the time in clinic “I’m just getting old” and have to just deal with the fact I’m going to have to continue living with this pesky pain and rely on taking painkillers all the time. It can and may lead you to depression and anxiety.


With the correct treatment muscle pain can be a thing of the past

But there is another option to deal with your chronic muscle pain; that’s Physiotherapy or Soft tissue therapy. If you’re reading this post currently dealing with chronic pain then rest assure, we deal with this every day in clinic and have thousands of patients who were just like you but now find it hard to even remember what that pain was and kick themselves they didn’t act sooner and visit our Chelmsford musculoskeletal clinic.

In this post, you will learn how Faye Pattison Physiotherapy can help you to deal with chronic muscle pain.

Why Choose an expert Clinic for Chronic Muscle Pain Treatment?

1. No side effects

Unlike Analgesics and surgeries, our therapist are hands and it does not have any side effects or secondary complications like relying on prescription drugs. Therefore you can receive Soft Tissue Therapy, Physiotherapy and benefit from massage therapy multiple times without having to worry about anything!

2. Treating the underlying cause

Pain Killers blocks the pain sensation or subside the pain stimulation from reaching the brain, but it does not treat the underlying cause.

Whereas in our clinic, our therapists work on the core cause of the chronic pain, such as stretching the tightened muscles, the release of trigger points, modalities to fasten the healing of the injured muscles, correction of posture, prescription of orthotics to prevent from further injuries.

3. Non-invasive methods

Consumption of narcotics drugs and Surgeries are invasive.
Narcotics drugs can hamper our thinking, reasoning and memory power. And with surgery, the skin and muscles have to be cut and reconstructed.

On the other hand, Physiotherapy or Soft Tissue Therapy does not involve any procedures that are invasive to our body and have profound results!

Faye Pattison Physiotherapy Management of Chronic Pain

1. Soft Tissue Manipulation

Relaxes the muscles from the stretches, massage strokes like effleurage, trigger point and muscle energy techniques etc.

It also increases the circulation of our body, which improves the delivery of freshly oxygenated blood to the injured tissue for healing, and it also increases the lymphatic drainage for the removal of the metabolic waste.

All of which helps in dealing with chronic muscles pain.- Cool Right!

2. Acupuncture

Activates the natural healing agents and releases Qi (Energy of our body). That helps to fasten the healing of the injured tissues, relaxes the muscles and boost the energy level of our body to beat the chronic muscle pain.

Reduce chronic muscle pain with acupuncture

3. Posture Correction

One of the main reason that causes Chronic Muscle Pain is poor posture. Your therapist can evaluate and teach correct posture that you need to maintain in various activities.
With correct posture, the muscles do not go into strain and do not have bear more weight that causes chronic muscles pain.

4. Prescription of Orthotics

This continues from point 3, if your foot biomechanics are to blame for a poor posture, your therapist may advise on how prescription orthotics can help eradicate Chronic pain.


5. Stretching Exercises

Chronic Muscles pain if caused by tightened muscles or tensed muscles, then the stretching exercises can help you recover the elasticity of the muscles and release the tensed muscles.

6. Strengthening Exercises

If your muscles are weak, they can easily get torn, and they won’t be able to hold the body’s structures in an upright position, which leads to chronic pain.

By strengthening the muscles, it can make the muscles strong so that it can hold the body’s structures properly.

More Importantly; stronger muscles are harder to tear. – We don’t mean we want all our patients looking like weight lifters! It’s all about STRONGER NOT BIGGER.


Are you frustrated of depending on painkillers and their side effects to deal with your chronic Muscle Pain?

Well, if like many of our patients, you want to get off the Pain Killers, fortunately you have read the right post and are in the right place!

If you are looking forward to taking a clutch and dealing with your chronic muscle pain, then book in an initial consultation with one of our Soft Tissue Therapists or Physiotherapists to start your journey today!