Is there a main cause of back pain in young adults?

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Back pain can range from minor discomfort to debilitating, with the potential to stop you from working or socialising in some cases. Whilst it’s very common and usually improves within a few weeks, sometimes it can last longer or keep coming back. Read on to find out the main cause of back pain in young adults.

What is the primary cause of back pain?

Back pain has many possible causes, ranging from pulled muscles and slipped discs to broken bones, and in rare cases, infection or cancer. Fortunately, back pain in young adults normally isn’t serious, with the most common cause usually overly strenuous exercising, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, or sudden awkward movements such as bending down to pick something up. These actions can cause back strain, which although treatable, can be extremely painful and can put your life on hold temporarily.

What is back strain?

A back strain is a stretch or a tear to a muscle or tendon that supports the spine. The injury is often characterised by a dull ache in the back when standing or walking. You may also experience stiffness in your back when bending down and feeling soreness in specific areas that are tender to the touch. Back strains can be acute or chronic. An acute back strain is used caused by a one-time injury whereas a chronic strain is the result of repetitive movements that progressively overstretch or tear a muscle.

How is back strain treated?

Back strain can be treated in various ways, including taking anti-inflammatories, alternating ice and heat on the area of the injury, and massage therapy. Massage can provide substantial healing and pain relief for back strain. The correct muscle can be targeted, controlling the pain at its source so that fast, long-lasting relief can be achieved.

There are several different types of massage for back strain, including deep tissue massage, remedial massage and sports massage. For a back massage in Chelmsford, look no further than Faye Pattison Physiotherapy. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific aches and pains, helping to remedy your back condition as quickly as possible.

Other causes of back pain in young adults

Another common cause of back pain in young adults is degenerative disc disease – a condition that normally begins early in adulthood. When presenting in the lumbar region of the back, this is often due to “teenage slouch”, which is where the discs in the spine break down, causing sudden pain with movement. It can feel as if the bone is scraping on bone. Muscle spasms and sciatica can also occur with degenerative disc disease.

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