What you and your child can expect from Paediatric Physiotherapy

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Whether your child is suffering from an injury or you’ve become concerned about their development, we
know it can be a little bit scary. Here at Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, we’re passionate about delivering the
best paediatric physiotherapy Chelmsford services.
Movement is a very important part to a child’s growth, wellbeing and general health. To help your child
reach full potential, our team of experts will use a combination of physical help and support tailored to
their needs.

The first appointment

If you’re looking for Paediatric Physiotherapy in Chelmsford and find yourself coming up to your first
appointment, here’s everything you can expect.
First, there will be a detailed examination which will allow our experts to pinpoint exactly how they can
help. They will ask you and your child some questions such as any medications they’re taking, their medical
history, an overview of their development, their school life and hobbies and finally, any pains or injuries
affecting them.
We’ll then assess how they move. Once completed, our expert will chat their findings with you while
discussing the most important thing to you and your child before building a tailored plan. For example, if
your child is interested in a sport, we can create a unique plan to help them progress and enjoy that sport.
No matter what the plan of action, we’ll provide lots of advice and education for you and your child which
will help you when you’re not in the sessions.

Who needs Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Knowing if your child needs physiotherapy can be tricky for some – particularly as there’s a few different
● Development Physiotherapy
● Learning difficulties Physiotherapy
● Musculoskeletal Paediatric Physiotherapy
● Neurological Paediatric Physiotherapy
● Respiratory Paediatric Physiotherapy
If you’re unsure, there are a few things you can watch out for which may indicate the need for a little
support. Ask yourself the following questions:
● Are you concerned your child isn’t walking or crawling yet?
● Does your child prefer one side only?
● Is tummy time a struggle for your baby?
● Does your child seem a bit clumsy when it comes to running or walking?
● Are you worried about your child’s posture as they grow up?
● Does your child complain about any pain?

The benefits of Paediatric Physiotherapy

Whatever brings you to us for Paediatric Physiotherapy in Chelmsford, there are many benefits for both
yourself and your child.

Can help treat medical issues

Taking care of a child with medical issues that limits their movement and motor skills can be hard.
Paediatric Physiotherapy is a great way to help your child deal with these issues.
In particular, this kind of therapy can help those with autism, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular
dystrophy and down syndrome. It can also help treat orthopaedic conditions such as an injury, surgery
recovery, fractures and back pain.

Improves balance and reflexes

Paediatric Physiotherapy is great for helping children gain strength and improve their balance. For example,
it can help them develop the proper tilting and righting responses in addition to learning correct protective
responses to falling.
Should your child struggle with automatic responses like positive support or palmar grasp, working with our
Paediatric Physiotherapists can help improve those reflexes.

It uses play and exercise

We know going to see a doctor or therapist isn’t exactly fun and it’s easy for children to get bored. That’s
why we use games and exercises to help engage your child throughout the process. We understand that
every child is different too, so we get to know your child’s likes and preferences to ensure they’re getting
the most from our time with them.

It helps the parents too

To get the best treatment for your child, it’s important that the parent feels supported too. We understand
that and we’re here to give you all the support and insight you need to give your children the best care at
home and help them grow to meet their full potential.

If you think your child needs Paediatric Physiotherapy and you want to set up a session, call us