• What is Sport and Exercise Nutrition?

    Sport and Exercise Nutritional applies knowledge of the science of nutrition in order to promote exercise and sport performance. It is looking at the unique diet of an individual, applying science to what effect the diet has on the body and working with an individual’s goals to effect the performance of the individual and how the effect of exercise affects ones metabolism of nutrients in the body and what requirements the body needs for such task/ activity.

    A Sport and Exercise Nutritional therapist requires has the understanding of the physiological and biochemical responses to any physical activity and/ or exercise of the unique circumstances of an individual and what occurs during training and competition in sports.

  • Why is Sport and Exercise Nutrition so important?

    Think of our bodies as well-oiled machines. Diet and nutrition significantly affects sport and exercise performance. What we put into our bodies directly affects how our bodies will perform. What an individual drinks or eats before, during, and after an activity or exercise, directly affects ones health, body mass and body composition, as well as performance in, and, recovery from, the effects of that activity or exercise. An optimum diet can and will help to maximise your performance whatever it is.

  • What is the SENr?

    The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register. It is a voluntary register designed to accredit suitably qualified and experienced dietitians and nutritionists who have the competency to work autonomously with anyone from performance oriented athletes, the weekend warrior, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health to anyone in looking to increase or reduce their weight.