It’s easy to class physiotherapy as a remedial treatment, something which is prescribed to those with an underlying ache, injury, or issue.

Given its incredible versatility, however, and the fact that physiotherapy spans massage as well as movement through a range of stretches and exercises, an increasing number of clients are booking physiotherapy in Essex as part of an exercise regime.

In this blog, we’re looking past the remedial benefits of physiotherapy to focus on the ways it facilitates and aids better movement.

1. Physiotherapy increases flexibility

The best way to enhance flexibility and increase your range of movement is by consistently working different muscle groups and encouraging your body to follow patterns of movement through stretching.

Some of the ways that physiotherapy helps to achieve a better range of motion and increased flexibility is by building strength in your muscles, activating and loosening joints, and improving coordination which makes movement easier.

2. Massage therapy boosts wellness and relaxation

Have you ever heard someone say that exercise and physical accomplishments are as much a mental sport as they are a physical one?

Being able to overcome injury and strive to achieve goals in sport and in your physical ability requires a clear and positive mindset – with massage therapy an excellent way to tackle any underlying knots and areas of tension while helping you to feel totally relaxed.

There are a number of different treatments which fall under massage therapy, with athletes seeking the stronger pressures of a sports massage while those following a regular daily routine are better off sticking with a lighter soft tissue massage.

3. Physiotherapy reduces the rate of injury

The third and final benefit of physiotherapy for clients without an underlying or existing injury is that regular sports massage, massage therapy and stretching can actually decrease the risk of injury striking.

A technique particularly employed by professional athletes, physiotherapy can be used to counter and decrease the risk of injury, by ensuring that the body is always warmed up and ready for different degrees of movement and motion.

Exercises which help to align the muscles, warm up the joints and improve overall mobility are critical in helping to keep the body active and free from aches, pains and injuries – whether during sport, in the workplace, or as part of everyday life.

As you continue to integrate physiotherapy into your routine, you will find that your body becomes more attuned to movement and activity – increasing your coordination and natural balance and manipulating the muscles and joints in such a way that they become more flexible.

Here at Faye Pattison, we offer a range of physiotherapy services for those seeking rehabilitation support as well as an overarching approach to health and wellness. For more information on our different treatments and how we work with clients, get in touch with the team today and book a consultation.