Orthotics refers to a specific branch of physiotherapy, which covers posture and the alignment of the body from the ground up – literally. Focussing on the feet and how well-balanced the feet are when moving, standing and engaging in everyday activities, orthotics puts the spotlight on the foundation of your posture so as to improve mobility, movement and structure.

As one of our standout services, orthotics in Essex supports clients at all stages of life – be it with a misaligned posture or a mobility issue which is affecting movement and causing other aches and pains.

So, how do you know if you need orthotics or if something else is causing your mobility issue or pain? Let’s take a closer look.

How Orthotics Work

Orthotics treatment considers the alignment of the feet, using a range of insoles and inserts to balance the feet and ensure that the body has a good structure on which to stand and move. By increasing stability and alleviating pressure on specific areas of the feet, instead of spreading the weight of the body more evenly, orthotics tackles issues which are linked to the biomechanics of the feet.

Clients are often surprised at how instant the relief can be when wearing shoes with the right insoles, alleviating pain and pressure, and creating a more comfortable base for the body.

How to Know if You Need Orthotics

With orthotics focussing on the alignment of the feet and the way that posture affects other areas of your body and lifestyle, it follows that the clients who need orthotics support are those who struggle with the biomechanics of a good foundation.

If, for example, one foot sits flatter than the other or you have issues with balance then you might find that orthotics insoles allow you to stand on a more even base.

Similarly, if you are struggling with an underlying issue such as bunions, orthotics can cushion the issue and make standing, placing weight on your foot, or even something as simple as walking infinitely more comfortable.

And then we come to the issues which are not necessarily indicative of an issue with balance and your feet, but which may be caused by a lack of structural balance. Hip pain and stiff knees, lower back problems and even shoulder and neck problems can all be exacerbated if not directly caused by issues much closer to the ground.

The Next Steps for Orthotics Clients

If you are suffering from any of the issues mentioned in this blog, from pain in your feet to discomfort further up the leg and into your lower back, then orthotics could be the right step for you.

Inviting you to an initial consultation, the team at Faye Pattison will complete a biomechanics assessment to understand the structure of your body and identify the cause of your pain or discomfort and will then go through the recommended orthotics insoles and styles to rectify the issue.

For most clients, bespoke soles and aligners will be made to deliver instant relief. Get in touch to book your appointment.