A Guide to Soft Tissue Therapy: What is it and Who needs it?

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When you connect with a trained physiotherapist, you will find that every session with them blends physical movement, massage, and stretching with a selection of mental exercises which are designed to unlock the triggers of chronic pain, aches, and discomfort, and alleviate them.

One of the therapy styles that we offer in Chelmsford is soft tissue therapy; a leading service which not only promotes injury recovery and prevention, but which also helps to boost postural control and relieve muscle tension across clients of all ages.

Now, if you’re scratching your head and wondering what soft tissue therapy in Chelmsford involves – then you’re in luck! Here is our comprehensive guide to soft tissue therapy (and how to know if you need it!)

What is soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy is an all-encompassing service that is offered by leading physiotherapists, combining the assessment of an ache, pain, or injury, with a treatment plan and regular monitoring and management.

The idea is that a client will come to the clinic with their underlying issue, and a therapist will seek to diagnose it, discover the root cause or potential triggers, and then take steps to alleviate the pain while developing a long-term system of prevention for the client. Typically, this involves massage therapy and stretching, intending to reduce muscle tension and alleviate the anxiety that comes with injury.

How do you know if you need soft tissue therapy?

If you have an ache or pain, either while exercising or when completing specific tasks at work or in your personal life and aren’t sure what’s causing it or how to treat it, then soft tissue therapy can benefit you.

Not only will your physiotherapist be able to isolate the pain through targeted massage and other pain relief therapies, but they will also work with you to determine the cause and to come up with a set of exercises that you can follow at home to maintain good balance and muscular strength.

What’s more, soft tissue sessions and massage therapy sessions are designed to make you feel more relaxed, which means the benefits stretch from the physical through to the mental and emotional. Even once your injury or ache has been treated, you will find that regular soft tissue sessions are an ideal way to check in on the physical health of your body and invest in your overall wellness.

Preparing for your soft tissue therapy massage session

If you have booked a soft tissue therapy session or are thinking about doing so, we recommend starting a diary of your physical activity and any times when you particularly notice a niggle, ache, or specific pain. This will allow us to see links between movement and pain and start ironing out a treatment plan which spans both proactive and reactive stretching and massage sessions.

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