Acupuncture – benefits, uses and how our physiotherapists registered with the AACP can help

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“You need to get Acupuncture for your Back Pain”

Now you must have heard that from your relatives or friends, or at least read it somewhere.

You know what? You heard it right. But it does not mean, whenever you have pain, you can go to anyone nor do it yourself to get rid of the pain!

Someone qualified and certified should be the choice for you to have your skin pricked with thin acupuncture needles.
So in this post, I am going to explain some of the facts, benefits, uses, and from where and who to see for an acupuncture session to help manage and get rid of your pain.

Acupuncture for back pain

What is Acupuncture?

Before that, let’s get to know what Acupuncture is?
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese art of treating pain in which thin needles are inserted into the skin. It does not contain any drugs or medicines.

According to the general theory of Acupuncture, it says that Energy (Qi) in our body flows in a certain pattern (described as Meridians), by inserting the needles along the pattern activates to generate more Qi, which helps in improving our health.

History of Acupuncture

The practice of Acupuncture originated in China. The ancient documents that support and explains the theory and practice are dated back 6000 BCE.

In the beginning, sharpened stones and bones were inserted instead of metallic needles. In times, a lot of modifications, research, and further improvement evolved. Especially, during the Era of Ming Dynasty (14th to 16th Century), The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion was published, which is the base of all modern Acupuncture practices today.

The practice gradually became popular among the neighbouring countries first and then to the rest of the world. And today it is one of the main courses of Alternative Medicines to ease the pain.

Benefits and uses of Acupuncture

1. Increases our Body Energy (Qi)

One of the main reasons for getting acupuncture is to increase our Body Energy or Qi. Thin acupuncture needles are pricked along the course of Meridian patterns on our body which releases the Qi that helps in keeping our body healthy and fight against the pain.

Acupuncture meridians model example
Acupuncture Meridians

2. Chronic Pain

Whether it is due to muscle tightness, physical stress, and poor sleeping habits, pain that last forever is annoying. It interrupts with your daily activities, and sometimes it can even disable you.
That’s when you should refer yourself to get acupuncture. It helps in managing Chronic Pain.

3. Depression

In the era of technology and fast-changing economy, the number of a individuals suffering from depression is on the rise; especially among woman and younger children.
The latest reports have said that Acupuncture acts and has an equal outcome as Anti-Depressant drugs.
So why not go with Acupuncture that does not involve drugs and hence any side effects* to treat depression?

Acupuncture for depression

4. Insomnia

Some of the causes of insomnia are depression, chronic pain, muscular tightness and a constant headache. After getting treated the causes, you will have a better sleep and be able to manage Insomnia.

5. Migraine

Though there are well researched and highly acting drugs to manage a migraine, at the same time, it has equal side effects.

That’s not the case with Acupuncture. First of all, it has shown a positive response in treating Migraines and secondly, as it does not use drugs, it does not have any side effects* which the drugs do. That means you can receive Acupuncture multiple times and lifelong without worrying about side effects from drugs.

Who is an AACP Registered Physiotherapist?

Now you know, benefits and advantages of acupuncture, when to get it and why to get it.

But equally important, you should also know, from whom to get it.

Therein, AACP comes into action. AACP stands for Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapist. The association regulates the best practices of acupuncture in the United Kingdom. The AACP also ensures the Acupuncture performed by Physiotherapists is only performed after expert training and uses all possibilities to prevent complications caused by Acupuncture.

Therefore if you are residing in the United Kingdom, it is always advised to be sure to double check that the Physiotherapist from whom you are going to get acupuncture is AACP Registered.


Why choose us for Acupuncture?

At Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, your Acupuncture therapist is well experienced, and a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapist (AACP) registered.

So, the acupuncture that you receive in our clinic is based on recent researches and improvements. Moreover, it will be performed by a highly qualified Physiotherapist, who has undergone the correct training. With good hands-on experience, it will be performed under the guidelines to avoid any complications of Acupuncture.

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*According to the AACP – side effects tend to be mild and short-lived