If you have come across our Chelmsford physiotherapy and healthcare clinic before, you will notice that one of our most popular services offered is a Deep Tissue Massage.

You will often hear people calling us experts in Deep Tissue Massage and our happy clients reviewing us with positive comments from the therapy received. Well, there is a reason for this, and you will find out more throughout this post.

With the deep tissue massage received from an expert Massage Therapist, you will have the following benefits.

1. Relaxes Muscles

Muscle tensions that are often caused by fatigue due to repetitive movements, lack of use (sedentary jobs/ lives) improper warm up or cool down sessions after exercises are all examples. Tensions in the muscle lead to uneasiness and pain, which decreases the functionality in our daily life.
But the good news is, a Deep Tissue Massage helps in relaxing the tensed muscles.

Deep tissue massage for muscle fatigue


2. Improves Circulation

The blood circulation is elevated whenever the activities and sensory system in our body increases. A deep tissue massage involves firm pressure, touch sensation on the skin, stroking and micro stretching of muscles, this helps in increasing the activities and sensation system in our body.

Thus, it improves the local blood circulation that helps in removing the toxins and fasten the healing process in our body.

3. Releases Trigger Points

Trigger points also known as muscle knots is a small patch of tight muscle fibres that are sensitive and cause aching and stiffness. It is one of the common causes of lower back and neck pain.

With the help of firm pressure from a deep tissue massage, it helps in breaking down or soften the hard tight muscle fibres.

4. Reduce Muscle Tightness

The muscle tightness occurs when the elasticity of muscle fibres reduces. Muscle overuse, poor posture, and injury cause the tightness to occur.

A deep Tissue Massage aims at treating the deeper layers of muscles which helps in increasing the elasticity of the fibres and hence manages the muscle tightness.


Lower back pain working at computer


5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to be old to suffer from High Blood Pressure. Today, in the era of our fast changing world, high blood pressure is seen even in young adults and its increasing. These are indeed due to work stress, mental trauma, tension, and anxiety.

A Deep Tissue massage has a soothing effect that boosts the production of Serotonin hormones which promotes that happiness and good feeling we’ve all experienced. With that in mind, it helps in relieving stress, tension, and anxiety. In the end, it relaxes our mind and lowers the Blood Pressure.

6. Scar Tissue Management

Once in a while in our lifetime, we meet an accident, we fall, we get injured and a scar forms on our body. No worries if the scar isn’t damaging your cosmetics appearance, but it can be annoying if it is bothersome.
Scar tissue is a thickened version of skin which is hard and has different pigmentation than your normal skin.
With the help of a deep tissue massage, the firm pressure applied on the affected area softens the hard scar tissue. As it also increases the lymphatic drainage and circulation in the applied area, it helps in distributing and equalising the pigmentations as well. Thus, helps in managing Scar Tissue.

7. Relieves Pain

Deep Tissue Massage acts in two ways to relieve pain, one that treats the underlying cause and the other by touch therapy.

Touch Therapy is believed to be one of the most relaxing activities in human. It helps in boosting the production of serotonin hormones and activating the natural painkillers in our body that helps in reducing the pain.

8. Increase joint mobility

Some of the causes that restrict the joint mobility are pain, muscle tightness, and trigger points.
As the deep tissue massage is applied over the affected area, it reduces pain along with other joint mobility restricting factors. Not only that, as it increases the circulations in our body, it helps in lubricating the joint which helps to increase the joint mobility.


Reduce pain and increase joint range with a deep tissue massage in chelmsford



Whether it is to improve your life or do better in sports and other activities, a Deep Tissue Massage is of great help. So if you are looking forward to achieving any of the 8 points mentioned above or have any questions then do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment.

With our top and well experienced ISRM Deep Tissue Massage Therapists, you will benefit tremendously and we will help you achieve better in whatever your goal in life and your daily activities.