It’s easy to talk about the benefits of a procedure like acupuncture, with its healing properties and direct link with the flow of the body’s own energy. In our experience, these are all things that clients want to hear about, and that practitioners want to talk about.

But what about the challenging questions and the misguided statements that get thrown around about acupuncture and similar treatment options? In this blog, we’re discussing some of the myths associated with acupuncture in Essex, so that you can make up your own mind about the procedure and its benefits.

Myth 1: Acupuncture isn’t real

We hear statements like this all the time, claiming acupuncture to be a “hippy” practice which is neither medical nor scientifically proven.

However, what statements like this overlook is the tangible results that clients see when they engage in professional acupuncture sessions. By inserting the point of each needle into targeted parts of the body, acupuncture is designed to stimulate and promote blood flow to specific areas. This facilitates both relaxation and enhanced healing within the body – and the results really do speak for themselves!

Myth 2: Acupuncture is painful

You would be forgiven for thinking that poking needles into your body simply creates more pain rather than alleviating physical and mental health problems. However, the needles used in acupuncture are so thin that you should barely feel them entering your body.

If anything, clients can sometimes experience a tingling sensation and some minor side effects after treatment, but with regard to actual pain, the chances of a notable issue are extremely low.

Myth 3: Acupuncture is unhygienic

This is where choosing the right practitioner is so important, because, provided you choose a professional and reputable practitioner, hygiene should not be a problem.

Here at Faye Pattison, not only are we specially trained in delivering leading acupuncture treatment, but we also use disposable needles which means that every client has a brand new set of needles for their own procedure. This, combined with our exceptional facility, means that the experience and setting is as important to us as the treatment itself – giving all of our clients a five-star service.

Myth 4: Acupuncture is a miracle treatment!

Unfortunately, while most of this blog has promoted the benefits of acupuncture and the various reasons to trust and try the procedure for yourself, it is not a miracle treatment.

This treatment plan can be combined with other medication and treatments to facilitate optimum healing, health, and well-being – and it certainly can promote and stimulate a better mental balance as well as reduce chronic pain and other physical challenges. However, it is not the sole answer to your health concerns, and it cannot take away all of your issues overnight.

Our advice is to find out more about acupuncture as part of a broader treatment plan by reaching out to the Faye Pattison team to learn how acupuncture could help and support you.