“Hungry man is an angry man”, it has been such a weighty catchy line that clearly shows the connection between nutrition and our mood. A growling tummy is always depressing and influences the state of well-being. No wonder why consuming nutritious food makes you feel happier and energised! – Overall it stables our mood.

Eating nutritious food does not mean following strict diet plans or cutting off what we love to eat. It is about feeling great, energised and healthy.


Food and Mood

Food is actually the fuel for the body to function, so your mood depends the bodies intake, like simply satisfying the taste buds makes one overwhelmed, however when you don’t get to eat the desired amount of food, you get tired and cranky!!


Yes, of course, eating the nutritious food helps maintain a healthy weight and avoid various health problems which in turn brings wellbeing to the body as well as results in a stable mood. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is one simple example.

In general, some foods are so comforting, it naturally makes you feel great! Some spicy food  may either excite you to the next level or may disappoint you and upset you.

Scientifically, it is proven that eating nutritious food affects the mental health followed by behaviour.

Nutritious food

What does nutritious food mean to you?

What is nutritious food?

Food affecting mood


I am sure everyone would have their own set of food varieties of nutritious food without having to refer to any researches or experiments.

Something that is organic, fresh and green is nutritious and those deep fried junk foods and preserved foods are bad but the brain has its own way to interpret. I mean, eating junk foods may not dishearten you or make your mood off; sometimes it’s the only food that cheers you up!! 😁

Ironically, sometimes it’s not the food that affects your mood but you will actually have the mood for certain foods, during the rainy seasons, you may have a mood for a hot cup of tea with a nice one pot dish, a casserole or stew for example. 

How does food affects your mood?


 Skipping breakfast

A cup of coffee on the way to work is just not enough to kick-start your day. Scientifically, it has shown to be true that the amount of acid formation in our stomach is more in the morning. So, health-wise, stomach ulceration is possible when your stomach is left empty. Moreover, your blood sugar level will begin to drop making you feel drowsy, tired and irritable.

🍔 Eating habits

Eating habits may determine your health status as well as your mood.  Not keeping a check on what you are eating and how you are eating may cause you to have mood swings and discomfort. Overeating and grabbing a heavy lunch may make you feel fuzzy headed and sleepy, making you sluggish at work.

🍺 Refreshments 

What refreshes us the most? Caffeinated drinks, sweets, alcohol? Well, it may put you in a bad mood towards the end of the day! Caffeinated drinks leave you dehydrated, irritable and ultimately, a bad headache.

Sweets may give you a spike of energy on consumption, it may later drain your energy to zero making you go for another bar of chocolate or other substitution.

And when it comes to alcohol, too much of it will have you worthless after effects like heavy headed, irritable, moody and anxious the next day.

🥦 Organic food

Fresh green vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins right from the garden not only boost your appetite, just at a glance makes you feel healthy and fit with positive behaviours.


Deserts are usually preferred after meals and it compliment so well. A lick of ice cream, a slice of cheesecake, cookies, and yogurt brings pleasurable experiences as it soothes your taste buds and so the brain activity which is the master centre of all mood types.

Plan my nutrition

Eat & Drink well!

Highs and lows are the just one of the many ways food can affect your mood. But definitely the nutritious food can affect your mood positively. So if you want to have a better time with good and strong mood, you need to consume nutritious food. Its not about having to stick to boring food all the time, its all about quantity and quality of the food and drink! Its finding the balance for YOUR BODY. Too much of a good thing can be bad, we can all enjoy treats, sweets, fizzy drinks or alcohol😜 but choosing the less nutritious options all the time is will affect your mood negatively.

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