How Long Does it Take for Soft Tissue Damage to Repair?

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Soft tissue damage can often be mild, causing minor discomfort for a few weeks. However, serious soft tissue injuries (STI) can cause long-term or even permanent symptoms. Soft tissue therapy can help to rehabilitate the damaged muscle, tendon or ligament, reducing pain and improving movement and function. Read on to find out how long it takes for soft tissue damage to repair.

What is soft tissue damage?

Soft tissue injuries occur when trauma or overuse results in the muscles, tendons or ligaments becoming damaged. Most soft tissue injuries happen due to a sudden or uncontrolled movement such as tripping off a curb and rolling over your ankle. Strains, sprains and overload are the most common causes of soft tissue damage. Many people experience soft tissue damage when they don’t let their body properly recover from a workout and continue their routine with increased intensity.

How quickly can soft tissue damage be fixed?

If you’ve suffered soft tissue damage, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to repair. The good news is that most soft tissue injuries heal in around six weeks. Although, it may take a few months for symptoms to settle completely. You may experience some pain, stiffness or swelling during this time. An injury is likely to heal faster with the help of soft tissue therapy performed by an experienced therapist.

What can slow down recovery?

A soft tissue injury may take longer to heal if you remain inactive. Too much rest might seem like a good thing, however, it can actually slow down your recovery. As soon as you can, begin moving about and using the affected area. Even a small amount of activity is better than nothing at all. Gently moving the injured part of the body will increase blood flow, sending more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and encouraging healing. Your soft tissue injury may also take longer to repair if you have diabetes or you smoke.

What is soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy can help to reduce pain and restore function to injured muscles, tendons or ligaments. A very safe and effective treatment, it often involves using deep tissue massage techniques, manual stretching, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to reduce and even eliminate symptoms.

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