The Relationship Between Physiotherapy and Mental Health

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You might think that physiotherapy and mental health have nothing to do with each other. After all, soft tissue therapy focuses on the body rather than the mind, right? However, it’s been found that physiotherapy can have a hugely positive impact on a person’s mental health, helping them to feel happier and less stressed. Read on to find out more about the relationship between physiotherapy and mental health.

How does physio improve mental health?

Managing pain

One of the key ways in which physio helps to improve mental health is by managing pain. Pain isn’t just a physical burden but a mental one too, leading to anxiety and depression in some cases. Regular physiotherapy sessions can help to reduce pain and also allow individuals to learn techniques to manage their pain more effectively themselves at home. If you’re suffering from muscle or joint pain and you feel it’s starting to impact your mental health, don’t simply put up with it. Speak to a physiotherapist about ways you can alleviate this pain and live a healthier, happier life.

Promoting physical activity

Physiotherapy can also improve mental health by promoting physical activity. Physio can involve activities that involve moving the whole body, making it a fantastic form of exercise. Engaging in physical activity can reduce symptoms of depression, sometimes significantly. Whilst particularly helpful in those suffering from mild to moderate depression, it can also be effective in treating major depressive disorder. This is backed up by numerous studies.

Improving self-esteem and body image

Physiotherapy can also improve a person’s self-esteem and body image. This is particularly the case if they have injuries or physical disabilities that make them feel self-conscious about their bodies. Physio can not only improve their physical abilities but allow them to regain a better sense of control over the bodies and allow them to see themselves in a more positive light. Exercise in general helps people to view their bodies more positively, with many experts claiming that it is just as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for improving body image.

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