Knee pain can range from a minor nuisance to debilitating in some cases. If knee pain is impacting your life or has been going on for some time, it makes sense to visit a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can be highly effective for knee pain, helping to reduce or even eliminate it altogether. At Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, we can provide knee pain treatment that’s tailored to your needs. Read on to find out how we can relieve knee pain with physiotherapy.

What causes knee pain?

Before we look at how physiotherapy can relieve knee pain, let’s consider what causes it.
Knee pain can be a symptom of various conditions. When it occurs after an injury, this is usually a result of sprains and strains, tendonitis, torn ligaments, cartilage damage, or a dislocated knee cap. Knee pain without an obvious injury may be down to osteoarthritis, bursitis, bleeding in the joint or gout. If you’re not sure what is causing your knee pain, talk to your doctor. They may prescribe medicine or physiotherapy or refer you to a hospital to undergo a scan or specialist treatment such as surgery.

How is knee pain treated?

In many cases, physiotherapy will be the first choice treatment option for knee pain. At Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, we’re on hand to provide targeted knee pain treatment, beginning with a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your knee pain and determine the strength, flexibility and balance of the joint.
We’ll then use a range of hands-on techniques, including soft tissue massage and joint mobilisations to relieve muscle tightness and joint stiffness. Our physiotherapists may use traditional acupuncture or intramuscular stimulation treatment to help with pain relief.
We may recommend taping in some cases. Taping can bring short-term relief of knee pain as you return to activity or sport. Wearing a knee brace may be beneficial during sport since it can help to provide valuable extra support to the structure. Exercise has been shown to be one of the best ways to help with pain in the knee. Our physiotherapists will prescribe exercises just for you, creating a program based on the goals and activities you’d like to return to.
We’ll work closely with you and your consultant throughout your recovery, providing knee pain treatment that’s tailored to your needs. Whether you’re aiming to return to playing sport or you simply want to reduce pain and discomfort in your knee, we can design a programme to suit you and your lifestyle.

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