The top 5 causes of neck pain

Many people experience neck pain occasionally. Often, it’s caused by poor posture, overuse, or sleeping in an awkward position. Sometimes, it’s caused by injury from a fall, sports, or whiplash. Whilst neck pain isn’t serious most of the time, it can indicate an injury or illness that requires a doctor’s care. There are various types of neck pain treatment available, ranging from massage and physiotherapy to acupuncture. Read on to discover the top five causes of neck pain.

Muscle tension and strain

One of the most common causes of neck pain is muscle tension and strain. This usually occurs due to behaviours and activities such as poor posture, sitting at a desk for lengthy periods without changing your position, and sleeping with your neck in an awkward position. Neck pain can also result from jerking your neck during exercise.

Pinched nerve

Many people don’t realise that neck pain can often be caused by a pinched nerve in the cervical spine. When a nerve becomes irritated or compressed, there may also be pain, numbness, and tingling that runs down the arm. Massage can be a useful treatment option for a pinched nerve that’s causing neck pain. By applying pressure to the nerve, it can relieve tension, reduce pain and inflammation and encourage circulation.


Injuries to the neck are particularly common. Falls, sports and car accidents can all cause damage to this delicate structure, with the muscles and ligaments being forced outside their normal range. If the bones of the neck (the cervical vertebrae) are fractured, your spinal cord could become damaged.


Osteoarthritis is a fairly common cause of neck pain. Whilst this condition normally causes damage to the spine, hips, knees, and hands, it can also affect the neck. This is known as cervical osteoarthritis (or cervical spondylosis). The arthritic area is specifically in the discs, bones and joints of the neck. As well as pain in the neck, osteoarthritis can also cause stiffness, limited mobility and pain that extends to the shoulders and arms.

Mental stress

One cause of neck pain that you may not have considered is stress. During periods of persistent stress or tension, the muscles of the neck may feel tight and achy. As you tense up, the tightness in these muscles causes neck pain. Chronic neck pain can also lead to fatigue, irritability, and even depression which can add a great deal of stress to your life. Neck pain can also spread down to the shoulder and arms and may also lead to headaches. If stress is the cause of the pain in your neck, massage therapy could be the right solution.

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