Physiotherapy Treatments Available in Chelmsford

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Everyone is likely to get hurt, sore and wounded at some point in their life. Doing sports often leads to being more prone to getting injuries because you are exerting your body in a way you may or may not have trained for. Elite athletes partake in sports massages and physical therapy on a weekly if not daily basis to counteract their training.

Daily living even seems harder these days, as there’s so much stress for so many different reasons and external factors in our lives! It doesn’t surprise us that as our lives get more stressful, we look for ways to de-stress like ‘hitting the gym’ for an hour before or after work so our bodies seem to be crumbling around us. Sitting behind a desk all day then going at it in the gym is a recipe for trauma in your body and pain!

Physiotherapy is distinct in its nature of treatment; it covers all aspects of health. Physiotherapist treat injuries and deformities through physical exercises, and work on a broad spectrum to cure, restore and to make you able to carry out functional activities.

The Physiotherapy Treatments We Provide at Faye Pattison Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatments for Musculoskeletal conditions


You may have sprained your ankle or strained muscles in the neck or been suffering from an overuse injury resulting in pain that may have limited your daily activities. We help treat these kinds of conditions every day through a set of specific treatment and physical exercises to relieve pain and to restore muscle function and joint mobility.

Physiotherapy treatments for orthopaedic conditions

You may have broken a bone or may have had a recent surgery i.e. an arthroscopy for your knee or even a full joint replacement. Surgery is a massive trauma on the body which causes scarring in the tissues, compensation for movements, more tension builds up and limits joint range, causes stiffness over time and pain. A broken bone or fracture is also very traumatic and will cause stiffness and limitation over time like explained above.

We provide physical therapy such as massage, muscle energy techniques, specific pressure techniques, trigger point stimulation with our hands or even acupuncture needles deep into muscle trigger points, stretching, exercise and much more that all help treat post-traumatic or post-surgical pain!

We help restore and maintain an available range of motion in the joints and prevent further possible complications.

Physiotherapy treatments for Neurological conditions


Neurological conditions such as a stroke, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury are long term illnesses where you may not be able to function as before and have to live with certain disabilities.

Physiotherapy treatments may help maintain the available abilities by designing treatment sessions and exercises in such a way that you can perform your activities with a disability.

Treatments involve hands on techniques like soft tissue techniques; massage, pressure, Neuromuscular, and hands off techniques; mobility exercises, range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises to condition joints and muscles, coordination and balancing exercises to prevent fall injuries. We also provide supportive devices for independent mobility for daily living activities.

Physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries

We have a team of sport massage therapist Chelmsford specialists at Faye Pattison Physiotherapy, who specialise in providing a range of physiotherapy treatments for sportspeople who are injured whilst playing sports. We provide treatments for sports injuries such as pain management, pain-free exercises, taping and assisted devices to protect and correct abnormalities.

Physiotherapy treatments for elderly patients

You may have aged gracefully, but your joints may have become brittle and muscles weak. You may be at high risk of a fall or injury, and your activities may become dependent. We provide physiotherapy treatments to elderly persons to help them use their joints and muscles to their maximum functional level and to help deal with situations where there is the possibility of injury.

We have helped elderly ladies and gentlemen continue their sporting activities like golf for example, when we X-ray their knee(s) and find out they should have been replaced < 10 years ago! How awesome is that! That’s why we love our jobs!

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Physiotherapy treatments are beneficial in the short term management as well as effective in the long run. It makes a huge difference for anyone not just a sports person in terms of performance, faster rehabilitation after injury and also to protect from future injuries. That’s why Physiotherapy and Sport Massage is becoming more and more in demand!

If you are living in and around Chelmsford, consider getting an appoint with our physiotherapists or Sports Massage Therapist in Chelmsford.