Massage therapy has to do with the manipulation of the body through soft tissues therapy targeted at areas such as the connective tissues, muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. It conforms to clinical healthcare options that assist in easing specific stress and discomforts that we experience in our day-to-day life.

Massage therapy has immense advantages to be achieved when administered by a professional. Regardless of why you need a massage, a therapeutic massage can essential in enhancing your well being both physically and emotionally.

Together with correct nutrition, massage therapy can prove to be an essential part of your health and well-being maintenance plan by easing or eliminating pain, improving joint mobility, blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage, and by reducing muscular tension. Sounds good right? 😀

Unlike the impression of most people, massage therapy can go a long way in treating both acute and chronic conditions in patients of different ages, dysfunctions, injuries, and disabilities.

The massage therapists at Faye Pattison physiotherapy clinic in Chelmsford combine their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and massage therapy techniques to effectively treat their patients.


Massage therapy can reduce stress and anxiety

At Faye Pattison’s Physiotherapy clinic in Chelmsford, Soft Tissue Therapists specialise in the following fields:


Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage that works deep into your tissues to realign fibers, sooth pain and break down collagenous bonds formed in your body over time or during the healing process. It works by applying pressure on the body and providing pleasure, breaking down knots, ease the pain in sore areas, increase the level of blood flow in your body, increase flexibility and improve proper posture.

A deep tissue massage can be beneficiary to every one of different ages for different reasons. Some patients require soft tissue therapy to ease the pain they feel around their head and neck after sitting at a desk regularly for extended periods. Others need deep tissue massage to relieve stress and tension from the body and improve flexibility.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage literarily means massage to remedy. Most patients complain about pain around their neck and back area probably caused by stress and anxiety. Remedial massage is perfect for relieving this type of tension from the body. This type of massage is similar to deep tissue massage, and the only difference may be a lighter technique and combination to alleviate stress or other problems. Remedial massage has useful results than most people think. When done by a professional, it can be very soothing, relaxing, and sometimes due to the relaxing feeling experienced from remedial massages, patients can feel an emotional breakthrough during or after the massage.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is principally used to manipulate soft tissues in the body through soft tissue therapy to make it more fit for physical activities. This type of massage is beneficiary to patients that are engaged or planning to participate in sporting activities. Sports massage is specially designed to implement soft tissue therapy to assist in correcting problems caused by strenuous physical activities and injuries. Applying sports massage before and after exercise enhances performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Sports Massage

Massage therapy can be highly beneficial to patients with different conditions when provided by a professional. Some of these conditions include:

Alleviate pain, increase blood flow, increase flexibility, increase recovery rate / time, improve tissue function, decrease stress levels, tissue tension and tissue fatigue, Aids relaxation, helps promote circulation, maintain tissue composition, promote tissue regeneration (helps reduce scar and stretch marks), reduce muscle cramp, reduce depression and anxiety, reduce post-surgery swelling, endorphins which help decrease pain.

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