You know what? Our body is just like a machine! It consists of levers, pulleys and hinges. We all work like and are basically a very complex machine. This is before we get into fascia, nerves and blood flow.

Focussing on our Muscular Skeletal system, which acts and reacts to nature, internal forces, external forces, it is constantly adapting, balancing and fighting forces to maintain a neutral position and to keep our body in an upright position to stop it from collapsing into a pile of bones and mush on the floor! Such is the beauty of the mechanical system of our body.

Study of such mechanical system and movements of a living being is known as Biomechanics. But why it is important? Who should know about Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is vitally important to the human body and when it goes wrong, it can cause serious long term problems if not treated correctly.

In this post we answer every aspect of those questions relating to Biomechancis.

Conditions we help woth custom made orthotics

Why is it important?

1. Injury Prevention – Why do some of us get back pain when we lift heavy objects and others don’t? Why does it hurt my joints when I walk or run but not others? Why do some Tennis Player complain of frequent elbow pain (tennis elbow) and some don’t?

It is all due to Biomechanics. If your body is in a poor position, the internal forces and external forces acting on the musculoskeletal system with greater effect which means we are fighting harder to perform movements, fighting harder against gravity and this often damages and fatigues the soft tissues; which leads to pain.

So looking at this simply; if you can correct your biomechanics properly, you can reduce the chance of injuries and help prevent long term issue such as oseoarthrits.

Putting the musculoskeletal system into a biomechanically ‘correct’ position where the internal and external forces are at there minimum to our body. This will reduce the chance of injuries and help reduce acute pain and prevent long term chronic issues.

2. Enhance Performance – According to the BBC, Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United Player is one of the top scorers in 2017/18. Why do you think so? Why are you not able to kick the ball the way he does?

Apart from God Gifted, it is due to Biomechanics. He knows, in which position his leg muscles work maximum, and what to avoid so that his performance does not impact.

Now Football coaches, investors, and managers are becoming more and more focused on the importance to hire a Physiotherapist and/ or a soft tissue therapist, who teaches and uses Biomechanical improvements and tricks to help the Players.

Hold on there; I don’t mean that hiring a physio can make you a top Manchester United Football player!! I just trying to point out that a huge difference can be made when correcting your biomechanics; your performance in work, sports, and daily activities will all be enhanced! How cool is that to know?

3. Minimise Energy consumptions – Biomechanics studies the correct posture of our body, the work of the musculoskeletal system, the amount of energy consumed in a different position, and which position helps for better performance.

With that correct knowledge of Biomechanics and implementation of the knowledge, we can minimise the energy consumptions for the same amount of work!

Less fatigue, Less pain, more movement, more efficiency – all sounding good?

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Who should know about Biomechanics?

We all should understand a little about Biomechanics. By this I don’t mean everyone needs to attend a Biomechanics School though! I mean we all should at least know the basics so that we can minimise the risk of injuries, enhance our performance and minimise our energy consumptions so that we have a better and pain-free life.
Following are a few examples of who would benefit the most with a little learning about Biomechanics however in all honesty, we all use our bodys so this relates to us all!

  1. Sports Person – Whether you are football player, table tennis player or chess player, Biomechanical knowledge will benefit you. How to walk, run, jump, which angle to kick the ball or which angle to maintain your body, can all lead to a better performance and prevent injuries.
  2. A person who involves frequent manual work – If you are a person who has to lift heavy things, has to bend frequently or doing the same repetitive movement in daily life, then you should understand the correct way of performing your task i.e.lifting and maintain the correct position while lifting.
  3. Office Workers, who spend hours in sitting position – Though sitting may look like a resting position, its not! Our vertebrae undergo huge forces if a poor posture is maintained. If you sit in a slouched position, that’s even worst!! You will suffer from back pain sooner or later for sure. But with the help of Biomechanics, a correct sitting position can be studied, so that the vertebrae have to bear minimal force. You can maintain a sitting position for hours without having to suffer from Back Pain.

Biomechanics of different standing positions


If you often get injured from your work or sports and want to enhance your performance, you should consult an expert today! Luckily we have the best physiotherthapists and soft tissue therapists who understand biomechanics to help you live a pain free life!

By keeping Biomechanics as a core and looking at the body as a whole, we can understand the reasons why you have the problem to your musculoskeletal system and how to correct it. If you aren’t suffering from an injury yet, perhaps after reading this post, you can begin to appreciate the importance of biomechanics and be proactive so that injury risk can be reduced and in lots of cases prevented to live a more enhanced and pain free life.

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