Whether you are planning to visit a Soft Tissue Therapist / massage therapist or sports massage therapist in Chelmsford, one question that will overwhelm you is, what are the actual benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy?
From the time and money you invest for the Therapy, will it help or benefit you to get rid of your problem?

In this post, you will learn some of the advantages and benefits of how a Soft Tissue Therapists at our Chelmsford clinic can help you and whether you are doing the right thing seeing a soft tissue therapist to get rid of a problem.

Joint pain radiating pain in joints, head in hands


Before getting started, let’s dip in, what is Soft Tissue Therapy?

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

There are two types of tissue in our body; Soft tissues and Hard Tissues.

Hard tissues consist of bones. and Soft tissues consist of muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body is known as Soft Tissue Therapy. A soft tissue therapist helps in reducing pain, improving range of movements, and enhancing your performance.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy

1. Improve Circulation – Fresh and well-oxygenated blood is essential for healing the micro-injuries and traumas we get by using our bodies that cause pain. Soft Tissue Therapy helps in improving and increasing the blood circulation.

Not only that it also increases the lymphatic circulation, which means better and faster removal of toxins and metabolic waste which in turn will help get rid of the pain.

2. Increase Flexibility – A tight muscle or tensed muscles restrict the range of motion of a joint and reduces the flexibility.A Soft Tissue Therapist will use their expert skills and techniques to help release the tightened muscles and any disturbances in the Fascia and release the muscle tension, which helps to increase the performance of the muscle which in turn increases the Range of motion, flexibility and control of the joints.

Joint flexibility and range of motion can increase with soft tissue therapy

3. Improves Sleep – Soft Tissue Therapist are experts in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques and much more which helps activate our bodies system to release endorphins (happy hormones).
Whether you are stressed with your work, suffering from aches and pains, if your muscles are tensed, you suffer with cramp, your legs are restless when you try to sleep, you’re feeling depressed or anxious, whatever the reason give Soft Tissue Therapy a go! – The production of Endorphins released in our body will really help clear the stress and tension we are all so good at holding in our mind, neck and shoulders.

The accumulation effect of treatment will decrease stress and improve your sleep. – click here to start your journey today!

4. Reduce Pain – The common causes of the pain are muscle tightness, trigger points, and restricted movements. A Soft Tissue Therapist will help relieve the tightness, target the trigger points, and improve range of motions of the joints. Also due to the increase in circulation promoted by the therapy, that helps fasten the healing process of any injured tissues. Win Win!

5. Relaxes the muscles – With the techniques of stretching, contracting muscles, massage techniques such as effleurage and petrissage and trigger point therapy, it gives a soothing effect to the muscle fibers helping them return to a more normal state.

Whenever you feel overloaded with the work, and suffering from tensed muscles, then Soft Tissue Therapy can definitely help you relax your muscles!

6. Release Trigger Points – Trigger points are hard palpable nodules in the muscle fibers commonly known as knots. It causes an imbalance in the muscle fibers, and leads to pain.

Soft Tissue Therapy can break those hard nodules and release trigger points. The category in which a Soft Tissue Therapist deals with Trigger points is referred to as Trigger Point Therapy or neuromuscular technique.


I hope from this post; you have learned various benefits that one can get from Soft Tissue Therapy. As we are a team of therapists, I ensure our team and I all get at least one session in every 6-8 weeks to help our musculoskeletal system stay in shape to maintain the quality treatment we provide. We all use our bodies and they need maintaining, especially those who work sedentary jobs!

Whether you are looking forward to relax your mind and body, get rid of pain and aches or treat a loved one or friend to the best massage they have ever had – Soft Tissue Therapy is one that can benefit us all.

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